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Whitney Pension Associates

Vermont's Finest Pension Professionals

Our professionals provide companies, just like yours, with record keeping, administration and actuarial services for their retirement plans. Whitney Pension Associates, Inc. provides services to clients ranging in size from one to hundreds of employees. We are proud of our reputation for providing efficient, accurate and affordable services to our clients.Because we have no asset relationship, we are able to be objective in the plan design and operations to meet your needs, not ours.

New and Noteworthy

We provide a newsletter library which is a comprehensive resource for qualified retirement plan information.


People people. We pride ourselves on being friendly - our whiteglove approach is what keeps our clients with us.


Always updated. We are constantly improving our security measures and technological investments.

Join the “Save My 401k” Petition

Tax legislation being actively considered in the House of Representatives contains proposals that will likely reduce savings in 401k plans. Use this easy template to tell your Congressman to keep his or her hands off your 401k and protect your retirement savings piggy bank

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