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Whitney Pension Associates

Vermont's Premier Retirement Plan Experts

At Whitney Pension Associates, Inc., we specialize in tailoring retirement planning solutions for businesses of all sizes. Our dedicated team offers comprehensive record-keeping, administration, and actuarial services, catering to organizations ranging from solo entrepreneurs to companies with hundreds of employees. Renowned for our precision, affordability, efficiency, and timely responses we prioritize your needs, crafting strategies that align with your objectives, not ours, thanks to our asset-independent approach.

Insights and Updates

Stay informed with our extensive library of newsletters, your go-to source for insights and the latest in qualified retirement plan information.

A Human Touch

We're not just pension professionals; we're people, too. Our commitment to warm, personalized service sets us apart. Experience the difference with our white-glove approach — the reason our clients stay year after year.

Uncompromising Security

Your peace of mind is our priority. We're steadfast in enhancing our security protocols and technology infrastructure, ensuring your data's safety and our systems' integrity.

Join the “Save My 401k” Petition

Tax legislation being actively considered in the House of Representatives contains proposals that will likely reduce savings in 401k plans. Use this easy template to tell your Congressman to keep his or her hands off your 401k and protect your retirement savings piggy bank

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